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Soul Alchemy Collab

Soul Alchemy Collab is a trio of fired-up So Cal women who create immersive experiences of guided practices and explorative processes to nourish and elevate mind, body and spirit through movement, tarot, meditation and sound.

Brooke Lowe Johnson

Creative Vibes Curator

Brooke is a sound healer, energy-connected dance guide, and creative coach. Through education and personal transformation experiences she has discovered the value of creative expression in overall wellness. Whether through sound meditation, somatic movement or mindful arts & crafts, Brooke guides people in uncovering their own self-discovery transformation. 

Elissa Dawn Strutton

Movement Artist

As an educator and yoga guide, Elissa’s approach to movement and self-care draws from over 13 years of teaching experience, extensive training, continued study of asana, philosophy, anatomy and biomechanics along with a commitment to personal practice, self-inquiry and steady pursuit of healing and growth. Her classes blend breath work, focused intention, asana, functional movement and guided self-massage techniques to create a purposeful, engaging and embodied experience. An artist at heart and student for life, Elissa’s creativity, intuitive nature and expertise provides a solid foundation for helping her students discover effective tools and practices to reduce stress, release tension, restore their sense of well-being and move through their lives with integrity, purpose and grace.

Jennifer Lucero-Earle

Somatic Alchemist

Jennifer is a magician of the soul. She is the creator of ArcanaDance, a therapeutic somatic practice that fuses archetypes, self-inquiry and tarot with guided movement. Jennifer is also a First Degree Black Belt Nia teacher and movement facilitator with over 30 years of experience working with the tarot. Jennifer curates experiences for people to embody both universal and personal archetypes. She weaves together music, somatic movement, soulful inquiry, and storytelling that inspires personal and collective evolution, healing, and transformation. What Jennifer loves most in the world is creating and facilitating safe non-judgmental experiences for people to move, feel, heal, and grow into their most joyful self.  

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