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Hi! I'mBrooke

After 20+ years in the corporate marketing world, it’s time for me to bust out and help you feel as good as I feel everyday! 


I’ve come to this work through my own breakthrough experiences. I spent many years on autopilot, living a life with a pretty solid resume - I had a good job, money, a nice family, people liked me, and I was usually smiling and in a good mood. But I wasn’t living a life I loved. There was an internal nagging that something wasn’t quite right. I felt like I was faking my way through life, waiting for something to happen to make me happy. I tried traditional therapy, but didn’t really connect with it. That’s when I went to my first Soul Camp, where I met some magical people who helped me catapult my personal transformation journey. I could write several pages detailing my experiences, but I’ll save that for future blog posts. For now, here’s a brief look at the personal transformational work I’ve done and trainings I’ve completed that have led me to this work:

  • Family Constellation Therapy and private coaching 

  • Family Constellation Facilitator Training (Natalie Berthold Ryan)

  • Trauma Training (Natalie Berthold Ryan)

  • Sound Meditation Teacher Training (Christian Reid)

  • Belief work (based on the teachings of Byron Katie)

  • The Shadow Process (The Ford Institute)

  • Every Choice Matters (The Ford Institute)

  • Spirit Junkie Master Class (Gabrielle Bernstein)


I also utilize acupuncture, meditation, law of attraction, EFT/Tapping, chakra energy work, tarot/psychic/numerology, moon magic, yoga, dance, art/crafts, vision boards, and going to the beach and putting my feet in the ocean to support my learning and self care. 

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